New to the forum, looking to purchase my LC.

Sep 25, 2005
Virginia Beach, VA

I figure the owners would be the best ones to ask questions on how they like thier vehicles before I blindly jump into a world that I know nothing about.

- I am looking to purchase a 95-97.
- I want to keep it stock, as a daily driven rig.

I am searching and researching, and reading many threads at once... but I might as well throw out some questions here. :D

- What mileage have these engines / trannies / etc been known to take?
- Any recalls for 95-97?
- Would you say that the Inline 4.5L is more reliable than the toyota V-6 3.4L 4 Runner? (I have heard of head gasket issues with that motor.)

Thanks for the support, I'm looking forward to finding my land cruiser! :)

- Jay

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