New to the Forum, just saying 'Hi'

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Apr 8, 2009
Indianapolis, IN
I figured I would introduce myself, finally. I'm new to the forum, but hardly new to the sickness. I've owned 3 FJ40's now, and I drive an FJC. I currently have my '78 FJ40, and needless to say, a money pit, here's my Elsie (In the mountains, and on the trailer) She's been many colors soon to be tan again, a real paint job this time! Whoot! It all started with a unique '80 FJ40 with Factory power steering! (below) It was AWESOME, but the body was not. I was driving east on I-94 in Indiana one evening and lost a large chunk of 1/4 panel at the rear sill plate. that's when I decided to part her out, and go for the '78 I found in Portage IN. The 3rd one was a parts-only blue FJ40 that I bought from a guy for $100 when I was living in Laramie, WY I made a lot of friends with those parts! It's a lifestyle, and I don't know a single person who owns an FJ40 who would be upset about an unannounced visit from a fellow Cruiser owner. It's the people and the vehicle that makes owning a Land Cruiser so great. Thank you all and Welcome! :flipoff2:
Talk about excitement waiting to happen.....


Hopefully you were able to make it where you were going without balling your junk up, or hurting someone.

How much was left of those safety chains when you got done?
Actually I was only going from NW Indiana to Indianapolis, down a state highway. The FJ did really well, slow and easy, but not a hickup. I wish I could have had a dual axle trailer, but I had what I had. FYI I cinched up the chains with a short bungee.

Sounds like you've been here before---didn't learn your lesson?:D

Whats the plan for the rig?
Hey Mike:
Looks like a nice one. I have a 78 too and also live in Indy. You should also say hello over on the IN Hoosier Cruiser clubhouse forum and check out our 2009 schedule of events while you are there. Whereabouts in Indy do you live? There are a few of us that live on the Northeast side and some in Greenwood and the west side. We are all going to the Badlands the first weekend in May. Would be good to meet you.
Welcome from central Cali. :cheers:
Welcome from the antipodes
I wouldn't have actually towed it if I thought it was going to be dangerous. I was nervous about it at first, but the trip went just fine.
Just this weekend I've cut the pile of rust off of the back of the '78 that used to be a tub. I'm ordering an Aqualu tub this week. While I wait I'm going to wire wheel the frame and POR-15 it. The hard top is already at the bodyshop.
Next summer I'm planning a 350+Ranger O/D conversion. Then it's off to Attica on a regular basis for some exercise.
I'm going to do a full write-up of the tub installation, since there doesn't seem to be much info out there about the installation. It should be a fun project.
Welcome good pics,looks like a lot of work ahead. Mike
nice trucks bet your neihbors are impressed good luck on your project
LOL The neighbors have these tiny little dogs that bark endlessly every time I leave my house to check the garden or get the mail, so I'm not too worried about their opinion on the matter. :flipoff2: I at least pulled her back into the garage when I was finished working on her. The 'eye sore' is stashed away when I'm not out there doing something with it. The worst they can complain about is a garbage can setting out front of the garage door sometimes, and that's not too bad. :grinpimp:

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