New to Mud, old friend of Toyota's

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Apr 1, 2007
Albemarle cnty, VA
Just wanted to introduce myself . My first vehicle was a heep. :eek: ...Alright ,thats out in the open. At that time my dad had bought a "crappy little" '85 2wd mini truck. Long story short,his truck will never die,the heep has hopefully been recycled into campbell's soup cans!!!, and I've owned nothing but Toyotas ever since!! :grinpimp: I bought my 40 about 2 years ago,when I found out that my beloved '84 4x4 mini had a big brother. Anyway ,after my purchase , I went into buisiness for myself, and have'nt had much time/money to devote to my 40 since. It's ,more or less, a really decent , semi-stock ,rust free , '78 bastard.:cool: [P.O installed square bezel bib] [early doors/hardtop-my purchase-need to trade] 1 early apron :rolleyes: Finally got my head above water,and ready to start build /restore. It's great to have a resource like mud,and it's good to be amongst people that understand my unnatural landcruiser obsession :beer:
here's a pic-Scott

Welcome :flipoff2: , that is a good looking truck, too bad it's not red:D . Enjoy yourself here.
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No rust, thats the main thing I was looking for. The P.O. kept it garaged. It did'nt have the hard top/doors when I bought it. I found that locally. It's early style--lift hatch-- I wish I had waited for a late top,oh well. It is in good shape. I'll try to get some amby doors later,and paint. thats just black primer,it came red. Has anyone installed early front doors on a '75 up tub? Is the striker mounted further in on later models because of thicker doors??? I've adjusted strikers out as far as I can, and its not close to latching. I'd rather just replace with late doors,but i've already got these and they're in perfect shape. Any thought mud11.jpg

mud9.jpg s?
Damn fine looking rig. I like the black sides on the top.
Thanks. Got big plans this year. SOA,35-37s TSL's,Detroit/Arb,Full cage,Warn 8274,orion..[maybe]....PS. And replace some missing and or rigged parts..rear heater,rad overflow/washer bottle,4 row radiator w/stock shroud /support-P.O cut and stretched support to fit wide radiator--no shroud.......don't let my wife see this list ..:grinpimp: ......YEAH honey,its almost done.......just need this one part...otherwise its not safe too drive...:idea:
screwing around....... my mother-inlaw...wanted to go for a the FJ ;) my wife told me to "get it stuck"..waay back on our hunting land [ROUGH ride to get there--logs,creeks,etc]...... to mess with her......DAMN.........guess we gotta walk home.............:D Joke was on me-- she had a blast..... now she wants to go ridin' all the time!!!.......WTF :eek: My daughter in the pic. mud3.jpg
"Get it stuck" can be quite demanding! Nice rig.
nice ride, welcome to the sickness ...

i was wondering what lift was on that thing, from the shocks i can see a HFS lift, how does it ride ? and flex ?

Welcome to MUD .. :flipoff2: (official welcome)

Cheers .... :beer:
I just have the HFS shocks . This thing came with some ooold rancho's ,confer shackles,and , I guess confer lift springs . P.O. said 3 1/2" lift?? kinda rough...the hfs shocks alone made a surprising improvement...Flex on these..:rolleyes: ..not so much....Ive heard good things about the hfs lift flexing well . thought about going with them, but now I'm goin' stock, or dakar, spring over.
Very nice. I need to get my hands on some rear doors like that.
yeah, they're nice to have, with the top off. I don't like the plate tail gates that people sell. I'm lucky they came with the truck,I still need ambby doors for the winter though. Here's some pics of my awsome non-- flex !!! :rolleyes: mud12.jpg


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