New to Mud new to 60's (Meet the Honey Badger)

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Jun 18, 2012
Mexia, Tx
So after years of plans and dreams I finaly have My FJ60. Guys meet the Honey Badger!

I found this lonely old soul sitting under a shed soon to bound in to servitude as the lowest form of offroad rig.... a "deer lease truck".
I could not let that happen to this beautiful specimen of Toyota BMF.
Where I found HB.

After about 6 hours of intensive labor it looks like he is feeling better.. this one is going to be a slow build and will not officialy start until Dirty Rice (my son's 88 MKIII Supra) is out of the garage and going strong as was agreed upon with the boss (My Wife)...
Little bit about HB
1985 Toyota FJ-60 Land Cruiser.
Engine: 2F inline 6cyl. rebuilt with about 10 miles on it
Transmission: H42 HD 4 speed
Transfercase: Toyota Split case 2.28:1
Differentials: 3.7:1 open front and rear to the best of my knowledge but I havent checked for lockers yet.
Plans are to build a light Expo Rig/DD
First mod was a good cleaning man was ther some funk in this thing.
Second mod was to removing the bike rack from the roof because it was rusted badly.
third was some B-12 adn a new set of plugs and a battery borrowed from Pete (my 85 Toyota Hilux). 10 years under a shed and after about 30 minutes iI had it running like a song.
the carb needs a rebuild but other than that all is well. Oh and the **** AC stilll works. Clutch is out???
When I brought it home.

After several hours of elbow grease, a pack of smokes and about a gallon of Dr Pepper. (I dont drink beer because it makes me break out in hand cuffs.)

Few shots of the interior and what I belive to be a $OR "Family Cage". This thing was a mess filled my shop vac 3 times with all kinds of funk including a snake skin in the dash. I pulled every thing out of it but the dash and cleaned every where I could find to clean and then a few more. pics were taken after the interior was put back in. looks alot better but I still need to figure out how to get the mildew off the headliner that wont mess it up. The carpet is trashed so I am on the hunt for a good but cheep alternative for that. I may just pull it all back out and LineX the whole floor.

Well I got a few free moments today while my boy was mowing the yard to look HB over as far as the clutch problem. Pulled the dust cover off and low and behold looking at me was a new clutch and presure plate. So naturaly I was like... WTF?

Then I saw the clutch fork perched up on the pivot ball instead of the pivot ball being in the recess on the fork. Wish I had gotten a picture of it. the last person that was in there didn't put the retainer back on the throw out bearing or put the return spring back on the clutch slave cylinder. So the clutch is now just a simple fix. Change out the clutch master/slave, get a retainer for the throwout and a return spring for the slave cylinder. Happy day in my garage.
Little back ground on me and my projects.

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Dirty Rice my son's '88 Supra work in progress.




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Ok so I pulled the carb and rebuilt it. What a mess it was in but I have the carb sorted for now. However I have not started the truck up yet because I am also doing a de-smog on it. I have a couple of questions for you guys.

1. Which vacuum port do I need to use for the vacuum advance on both the carb and the dizzy?
There are 4 on the carb in the general area where it was hooked up before a squirrel decided to use the area of the engine under the air cleaner for a nesting area. Evidently squirrels like vacuum line because about half of them on the truck eaten the other half are plugged with sticks, screws, tape and chewing gum. On the bright side at least they didn't eat the wire harness.
The port closest to the dizzy cap is the vacuum advance port the furthest one out is the HAC which can be connected to vacuum if i ever go above 4000 feet. The port on the carb should be the bottom left port on the carb below the idle air adjustment screw.

2 what system the lower vacuum pot on the fire wall side of the carb function with and can I remove it? I am keeping the ac idle up and the choke kick out but the PO had this lower pot disconnected.
Both of the vacuum pots on the fire wall side of the carb are for the choke one is the opener one is the kick out.

3. Where is the PCV supposed to hook up on the intake? The PO has routed it like a road draft tube on a diesel. Just a hose hooked up to the fitting on the rocker cover then turned down to the ground.
Found this in the FSM listed on page 3-4

4. Where can I down load a FSM that has 2f engine info in it! All I can find is a body/frame manual. So I can quit asking you guys stupid questions like this...

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tat2matt said:
The advanced search option will give you all the answers you seek grasshopper.

Just the answer I wasn't looking for thanks
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I am going to be pulling the 2F out of the 60 here in the next few months. It has less than a 200 miles sense rebuilt and will be available. I know its crazy to pull a fresh engine out to do a 5.3L swap but after driving it a little I am not happy with the power of the I6. I plan to make a driver out of this truck so I am gonna do the swap so I can keep up in traffic. PM me if you are intrested in the engine.
Hey redpim1 I noticed she had a texas plate. Are you in Texas? What part?

Yes I am in the Republic of Texas about 40 miles East of Waco and just call me Red lol.
Looks like that 60 don't give a s***.

Lookin forward to the build thread if you plan to go the same route that you did with your Hilux :popcorn:
nice find

That is such a cool find man,glad to hear that you will bring her back to life or extend it's life just keep on wrenching on it and eventually it will be road worthy and off road worthy again.:D:cheers:
Yeah I have thought it over and over... I have come down to SOA with 57" f150 rears, lockers in both ends, 33x10.5x15 BFG KO, 4.8l or 5.3l swap. Going to keep it 4speed until I can snag a H55. As far as color goes it will remain 464. Interior is going to get all new panels (proberably aluminum), a set of MKIII supra front seats (because I have them and they are comfortable), floors will get bed liner, thinking of swapping in a Silverado gauge cluster just to be different.
This should be good. Looks like you got a good plan. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

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