New to me LX470

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Apr 16, 2019
Hi all, new to the group. Just purchased a 2001 LX470 with 172,000 miles on it. She is in great shape and seems very well maintained. That being said Im not sure of the maintenance history past 50k. There is a sticker noting that the timing belt was done at 90k. I'm pretty handy with auto care, but I do have a full time job and 3 kids. Do I take it in to the dealer and get a full servicing to establish a maintenance baseline or is this something I should do myself? I don't want to overlook something that becomes catastrophic. I have a few bucks to spend due to talking the seller down 1500$. Thoughts?
for fluid baseline I did everything i was comfortable with which wasn't much.. oil change, ahc flush, rear and center diff, grease zerks.

The rest was done at local highly rated independent shop who focuses on toyota trucks and land cruisers for the following:

brake fluid flush, power steering, front diff, transmission full flush, radiator flush.

I'd stay away from Lexus due to high cost, but last resort if can't find a decent shop because i know the its hard with 3 kids and can relate sometimes it's just worth dropping it off at shop to spend time with family and not in garage.
It's worth a call to Toyota or Lexus. Not sure about S. California pricing, but the local Toyota dealer will do the job for $1176. And believe it or not, Lexus will do it for $995. Another $175 if the tensioner needs replacement, which might be included in other quotes.

Trust me on the dealer- I am paying for a 2nd TB/WP replace only 13 months after a previous one. Done on the cheap, incorrectly, by a local shop the selling dealer subcontracted the job out to. And now I have WP coolant leak problems. No warranty.

I was just thinking the same as you this morning- I am working to accept that paying the dealer a couple hundred more gives me piece of mind, trust, and a warranty backed by Toyota corporate.

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