New to me 96 HDJ81

May 5, 2008
Western Washington
I’ve had 6 cruisers but I finally caught the wife in a moment of weakness and she let me get a JDM 80. Steve at Land Cruisers Direct made it happen. It’s been a super long process thanks to Covid, but I should have the title in the next few days. While I’ve waited for the title work to complete I’ve already pulled the extended flares, window covers, and grill guard. I’ve added LED lighting, cup holders, baselined everything but the hoses (still waiting on those), and added a tow bar until I get my bumper in. Going with Bump-it, for all the Armor, going to be awhile on that gear too.

Haven’t figured out the Japanese radio or backup camera, so that is next on the list.

No idea what the lift is, but not sure I love it. I had an Icon on the last rig, and may be going back to that with the Delta kit. I’d like to run 37s wheel and 35s for the Overland trips, so I’ll be looking into making that work.

Looking forward to asking lots of questions. Especially once I get it on the road!

Of course it’s a poser shot, but gotta do it…



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