New to me '88 FJ62

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Aug 22, 2008
Florence, SC
Looks like I'll be hanging out around here as well as the 40 section....Picking up my new to me '88 FJ62 at 9 am tomorrow!

Nice,change all fluids,hoses,belts. 2 cents Mike
So instead of waiting until 9am this morning I drove 2 1/2 hours last night to pick up my 62...
I traded my 82 CJ7 for the Land Cruiser and the seller threw in a pair of leather third row seats from a 2000 Land Cruiser that I'll be selling...

Here are a couple pics from day one....Probably go in the direction of an expedition vehicle....My '65 40 is pretty stock so I want to have a little fun and build this one a bit maybe....




My only problem with the 62s is most of the ones I have seen have that new fangled Auto Trans technology. ;) Other than that, great looking rigs. Welcome to the big stuff. :hillbilly:
Mirrors look like 62 series painted black...

New fangled EFI > old fangled carb :D
I don't know about the mirrors...or anything else 62 related...yet....
Crash course coming up via FAQ over the next few days.....
The engine is out of an 89 62 and was installed by a Toyota/Lexus wrench...
Runs spot on perfect.....
Driving it yesterday, misting rain, front end started shaking violently so I'm putting it on
the lift to check out the front end....Tires/rims, TRE's, knuckles, steering, etc.....Only happened that once and i seem to remember the road being rutted although that didnt necessarily mean anything.....we'll see....
Thanks for the welcome....

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