New to me 45 pickup

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Bought a long bed FJ45 pickup from a friend, who'd owned it since 2002 and never got around to completing it. Somewhat of an interesting vehicle with a little twist to it. VIN is T67FJ4527340. Truck has a Hawaii (!!!) title- the story is that a guy in the service bought the truck in Hawaii and had it shipped home to the states to do a restoration/upgrade. My friend Tom Humphries bought it off EBay in 2002 from Andy Litkowiak, a name familiar to a lot of old TLCA members and Trails readers. Tom drove out to Andy's place north of Chicago and trailered the 45 home; it was in his garage gathering dust ever since, until it came to its new home in Pennsylvania today.

It's a real solid truck- obviously the guy from IL used it little or not at all when he got it home. Bed is excellent as is the tailgate, actually the entire body is solid. I saw some rust starting at the bottom of the back of the removable top, and one small rusted throgh spot on the driver floor near the sill. The top itself has some rust near the area that attaches to the back window piece but nothing major. Tom told me he didn't think the doors were original but neither he nor I know that for sure.

It is supposed to have a rebuilt F engine that has never been fired. Could be a great engine or a boat anchor, don't know until I try to get it running. Missing some pieces, like the seats(!!!) and one tail light and such, but mostly complete. The running boards and door headers are there and intact but not installed, same for the top itself. has the spare tire "carrier" for underneath, too- never saw anything like that piece!!!! Still has the 3 speed trans and vac/mechanical transfer case shifters. Tom told me the previous owner swapped in later 40 axles (drum front and back). Still has the single brake and clutch master cylinders.

I couldn't find the VIN anywhere- do trucks of this vintage have ID plates? is the VIN stamped on the frame anywhere?

I'd be interested in hearing comments about the truck and to hear if anyone knows anything about the truck during Andy's or any of the previous owners experiences. Not real sure what i'm gonna do with the truck right now- have enough other projects going on and with wheeling season here and my 55 ready to go I don't need another cruiser at the moment- but couldn't say no to this purchase. Whaddya think? Shmukster
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Nice looking project. There should be a vin # on the outside of the frame at the very front on the passenger side near the front bumper.
Looks good Bubba!
Yep, VIN should be up on the front PS frame.. get a piece of sandpaper and see if its filled in with paint... make sure it matches the title and VIN tags.
Atta boy Gary

Boy - a BJ70 last year and now a 45. . . .

Congrats on the addition & welcome to the 45 corner. It's my favorite spot to be on MUD.
that thing rocks! awesome find! good luck on the resto.
more pics please:grinpimp:
it's amazing to the eyes!:hillbilly:

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