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May 25, 2023
Dallas, TX
Hi everyone, just joining the forum. Bought an 08 Sequoia 4x4 Limited with almost 200k miles and one owner. Just going to bring it up to spec before doing a more of an overland build. Hope to learn a lot from here!

Just trying to clean it up cosmetically as well. Will be doing paint restoration, hopefully can document and share that.

Restoring headlights, will be upgrading 2018+ TRD front end later on.

Headlight Resto.jpg

Covering up 15 years of rock chips, used Dr. Colorchip looks good from 10ft. Its coming along.



Where’d you get it from? TX? The paint chips cleaned up great.
I live around the Dallas area, I saw it on FB marketplace. I saw it the day it was posted, drove out a few hours and paid $9500 for it. I was originally supposed to get a clean 1st gen but lucked out with this one.

For the paint chips it took a few coats on the deeper ones, but its fun to do and big difference to those who don't know what to look for.

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