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Jun 12, 2011
Portland, OR
Hey all, new here. My 4x4 is a 1972 K5 Blazer, Cummins 4bta. It has a Chelsey PTO operating a 16k lb. winch as well as power take-offs under the hood. Have ether injection, two 12.2 gallon saddle tanks, and a lot of front half rust!
Have only had the truck for a couple months now. Been working hard, in my spare time, to bring it up to snuff and make it healthy!
Just took it to get an alignment and they told me they didn't have big enough shims to do the front end alignment. IS THIS BAD?? In my car it's just a matter of tie rods and eccentric washers to align it... I didn't even know there was this way of aligning. (To be read: new to Chev, only know crap about VW though a lot)... The camber on this guy is terrible and will ruin quickly the brand new tires I just put on it.
I'm just wondering here if it could be a matter of tie rods or something... Any guidance is appreciated... I plan on learning my crap quickly! :D Thanks!

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