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Dec 5, 2006
Bryant, AR
New to this forum but not to IH8Mud. I just purchased a grille guard from PSFPILOT, actually his wife delivered it to me here in Little Rock. While we spoke she told me about the Razorback Land Cruisers so I thought I would find y'all.

I drive a 96 LX450, pretty much stock. Have not done much 4-wheeling other than abit during hunting season. Would like to visit the park in Hot Springs to do some wheeling sometime on the novice level.

Thats it for now, hope to catch you online or maybe at an event sometime.

Rick, welcome to the club. There are 2 landcruiser groups that operate out of Arkansas. The Razorback land cruisers and Green country cruisers. Both have forums on mud but rarely use them. Both groups communicate through a yahoo email group that you can join by visiting there home pages.

Razorback Land Cruisers

the razorback cruisers will host a national landcruiser event in hot springs the first full weekend in June. You should try and attend so you can meet some of the members. I have been to three of these and they are a lot of fun. Good luck

Should join Razorback LandCruisers
In midst of planning Razorback Ramble for first weekend in June at Superlift Park in Hot Springs.
Join the club and join us for the weekend!

Razorback Land Cruisers

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