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Apr 7, 2007
Hi folks,
New to this forum and like what I've read so far.

Have a Titanium FJC that I've had since last May..Love it and it's my daily driver. Fly Fishing is one of my passions and got the FJC to get me and my dog to places my old P/U couldn't go. I guess I am a certified 'car nut' and the FJC is only one of my toys. Also have a 93 Ruby Red Vette coupe, a 66 El Camino, an 88 Chevy p/u, and an 06 Chevy p/u. I will be retired in a few months and am looking for an FJ-40 project truck. Looking for something in Nor Cal reasonably good but not perfect or restored to wheel, fix, and otherwise keep me busy If you know of any, let me know... Thx

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