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May 24, 2021
Baton Rouge
Hey y'all,

I'm Joshua out in Baton Rouge Louisiana, and recently obtained my first Land Cruiser. I come from a Yota family, my last vehicle being a 4Runner, and after getting smashed by a guy who blew a red light, just upgraded to the 1999 Land Cruiser.

I'm actually on here because I'm just getting into doing my own work on my vehicles seriously. I'm having a problem with the fuel system, I'm thinking either my fuel pump, or my EVAP sensor. It'll crank and turn over most of the time, but in the last two weeks I've had two mornings where it's cranking and not turning over. First time cranked it about 10 times, waiting a few minutes, came back and it turned over. Then this morning cranked it like 10, or 12 times, but had to get going to work, and when I came home it turned over on the first crank.

I'm trying to hook up my fuel pressure guage, but I'm not exactly sure where to hook it up (stupid, but I'm trying to learn). If anybody could let me know, or has any other advice on potential problems please let me know. Thank y'all and excited for all the future work and knowledge I'll find with y'all.

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