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Jan 13, 2015
Hi, I just got my brand new 1974 FJ40 truck. I purchased this truck from someone who gave up on restoring it. I don't plan on a full restoration just wanted running like it should be.
I'm trying to do most of the work my self just need some guidance on a few issues like power steering conversion (easiest to do, best performance), front disk breaks conversions.
Also the carburetor seams to need me to gas it a bit while the truck is cold, any idea, guides or advice how to fix this?
Welcome to the forum. You are in the right place. First off check out the FAQ at the top of the 40 section and a lot of your questions will be answered regarding power steering and disks.

As for cold starts... You should have a choke in your 74. Pull it full out on start up the half it as you roll away. Shouldn't need it after about a minute or two.

Can't wait to see pics (need 10 posts I think), and further details.

Thx for the info and the warm welcome. Currently its a means to an end. My first 4x4 is my 2011 LR4 which I put a hidden winch, skid plates, rock sliders, rear tire carrier and a high lift jack. I got this FJ40 in hopes of learning all I can regarding these trucks. I plan on fixing this one, selling it and moving on to the next one. My ultimate plan is to build a great performing FJ45 with all the goodies (I'm sorry to all those purist but please don't hate me).
I already did the clutch on it and replaced the slave cylinder. Currently its in the shop getting the radiator serviced. Need to adjust the drum breaks.
Welcome to the madness !

May a lot of FJ40's come to your life

beware! 40s are addicting ... lol ... welcome and good luck with your learning tool ... looking forward to seeing your 45 someday ...
Welcome to the fun.... It is all in here..... read, search, ask. Listen. 'They' have all the information, ideas, and mods that you want to know about...... and someone on here has done anything that you can think of, sometimes twice. And they probably documented it with pictures!

image.jpg My '74.... getting ready for an alignment
You may find that after all the build stuff, that you want to actually KEEP the 40!! Then you can start on the 45! As said---they are addicting--
Welcome and post--we all love to see the builds!!
This is how it starts. Needs front driver side fender, both back corner panels, passenger side barn door, work on the carb, lots of electrical work, new bushings, rust here and there.
It runs pretty good but it needs work and I'm only into it 3000.

What is this? Mine doesn't have it. There's nothing there and PO block/cut that hose.


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