New to forum and have some questions.

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Apr 25, 2006
Hey folks. New to this forum and have a number of Landcruisers and related questions. I recently purchased a REALLY nice 1978 FJ40 from California (103K miles) which has a 350 Chevy conversion in it, or did have. I pulled the Chevy out this afternoon and it now sits in the back of my truck. I have sitting in my driveway a very nice 1981 2F motor with bell housing and transmission that I'd like to put in service. Will this '81 fit into the '78 without problems or is there something that I should be aware of. I'm planning on sending the head to the machine shop for any and all needed work, new water pump, clutch, etc. before install. I know the carb needs work so I'd like use one of the more well known carb rebuilders. The '81 motor has around 120K miles as I understand it. I'd appreciate any and all suggestions for things I should look at or do in this process. Thanks to all, and NICE Forum!
When it comes to LC carbs ive read nothing but good stuff about this dude....i guess he knows his stuff....been working on cruisers since early 1800s they say .......Marks Off Road Home Page
The 2F and 4 speed will fit in there just fine. However, your motor mounts will be different. A SBC has different motor mounts than a 2F. Depending on what the PO did, you will most likely have to weld in new mounts.

Good luck and welcome to Mud! :cheers:
i just did what you did, cut out the old mounts, i still could see where the stock mounts went so i bought some off a mud member and welded them on. other than that i believe you should be fine.
I'm planning on sending the head to the machine shop for any and all needed work......

Welcome to the forum.

Before sending the head out to the machine shop, read this

I have read a few threads where guys rebuild their heads and blocks and get it all back together and then this plug in the head falls out and the motor seizes up from lack of oil.:eek: Makes me shudder just thinking about it!

Also, post pics of the truck. You'll find we really like pictures.

The 350 may have involved some wiring you no longer need with the 2f but wiring for the 2f is really basic should not be hard

FJ40Jim is well know for distributors and carbs too 50/50 who you use if you need that

I sent mine to Jim to get it desmogged

Hows the SBC? Can you get anything for it towards the build?

You may want to consider a rear main seal if you see any oil in the back and an oil pan and/or side cover seal while you are at it.

Also check the condition of the drum parking brake unless you have the rear disc brake parking brake on yours--Not hard to do installed I guess but even easier out
Thanks for your comments too. I am hearing about both Jim and Mark in regards to the carb and possibly the distributor. The 2F motor that will be going in this nice '78 FJ40 is from an Austrailian 1981 FJ45 with about 150 miles on the motor. Is the non-US motor and carb less emission controlled and does that pose a more or less difficult job for the carb rebuilder? I think that I should definately do the clutch and rear main seal before I put the motor back in. Now I'm wondering if I should take the pan off and put a new oil pump and while I'm there some new rod and main bearings...just don't know when or how far to stop. I believe that I may be able to sell the Advance Adapter equipment that I've removed and hopefully pay for some of the parts I think I'll need to get this on the road. The Chevrolet motor was seized and hence the PO's sale. Couldn't have been better for me since I have a beautiful 2F sitting from transmission to fan in my driveway just waiting for a gorgeous FJ to show up. This FJ is from California and there is so very little rust. It has 103K miles and is so bone stock now that the SBC is out. The documentation is unbelievable since day one and driven by a female driver who LOVED this vehicle based on the money and service that has been done on this vehicle. Nothing was done cheaply or Mickey Mouse. I'll try to figure out how to post pics here. Anyway, thanks so much for your help.
Good luck with the swap.

Good to see the 2F going back in, a man after my own hart :clap:

Now open wallet and don't ever look back its a labor of love :D

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