New to FJ40s, axle, steering questions, etc...

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Feb 22, 2012
Holden, MA
Hello, I have built a few yotas in the past going towards the rock crawler truggy type, but now with a young family I am into the classic LCs, with moderate wheeling. I have a lot of truggy parts left over and would like to use them if I could but I don't know what fits. Can I swap the knuckle to pickup SA knuckles? Should I? Are the Asian hubs stronger? What do I do about steering, I know I need new arms and will have to change the drag link etc, but does someone sell a kit for this, or do I have to modify a TG kit? How about axle seals etc, will they swap?

Also, I have a rear disc brake kit for an IFS pickup rear, other than the brackets will everything else fit?

Any info would be great, sorry to start off my posting with a bomb of questions, I will start up a build thread after I research for parts.
Knuckles, etc. From a solid axle mini pickup will swap onto an LC axle, its on of the ways to convert a drug brake front axle to discs. Depends on the year fj40 you will be using though, I'm certainly not a expert by any means. There is a great deal of info in the faq on the knuckle swap.

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