new to cruisers and have sm420???'s

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Mar 20, 2007
Heres what I got

93 tbi 350
con diesel sm420 mated to an atlas II
frnt & rear 60's

So my question is I ordered a t/o bearing from AA for the 420 but it does seem to fit over the input shaft. Does the con diesel's have bigger inputs??? Also I have a iron bellhousing with the shift fork on the passenger side, I was trying to find what that might be off so I could order a bolt on slave. Any input would be great...:confused:
Hi All:

"Crwltoy," give a call to Novak Enterprises in California. They are an old-time conversion shop for Jeeps and other 4x4s. They probably can help you with your SM420 needs.


I believe that the 2 ton unit has a larger input shaft with fine splines, but I have never seen one.

IIRC, the common input shaft has 12 splines.

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