New to Colorado- Reaching Out

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Sep 5, 2006
Superior, CO
I wanted to reach out to all the Denver area guys. I just moved here and wanted to get plugged in to the locals.

I am in the process of starting my build up now. Will go much further when my tools/jack/stands get out of storage once I find a house to live in.

97 pink panty with 179K
7- pin mod complete (not working yet), most everything else is stock.

fix/mod list as $$$ permits ;)-

Fix my CDL Actuator motor - FSM and wire diagram on order

Front bumper - Leaning towards Slee ARB Delux with M1200

Find the oil leak - Rear seal or pan arch? :frown:

Valve cover and proactive HG job

Pesky CEL issue :frown:

Upgrade brakes

Lift her up - not very much since she is a day driver as well

Dual Batt.


Roof Rack

Rear bumper-

I am sure I will find more..

I look forward to meeting the Colorado folks.


Welcome Stein :flipoff2: (official MUD salute)

Stop by and check out your local Toyota club and say hi over there as well when you get a chance :)

Rising Sun Toyota 4x4 Club
Howdy, and welcome! Come to a Rising Sun meeting, and a few adult beverages after, and meet the gang. :)
Front bumper - Leaning towards Slee ARB Delux with M1200

i hope you actually mean m12000...m1200 won't even pull the front hood out ;)

welcome. where in denver? hope you're not a southsider. ;)
Welcome. :flipoff2:
welcome mi amigo if you need any help building your LC let me know i like to work every day on my but for $$$ reason i cant :lol:
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meeting's tonight...maybe we'll see ya there. stevinson toyota in golden.
welcome im in gunnison if you come out this way hit me up

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