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May 5, 2007
Hello all,
Ever since getting my driver's license at 16 i have had toyota 4 runners and loved every one of them(still have one). Anyways, I just got a 96 fj80 LC with 290K miles on it! It runs great - I took it friday to my local dealer to have the front axle rebuilt and the egr fixed(check eng. light was on). I asked them to look it over and let me know what all was wrong with it - those were the only things they felt were imp. to report on. So, I guess it was a good deal for 6k....hopefully it will last me a while and I can get some fun out of it.

I have enjoyed reading the FAQ's and other technical articles on this forum!! There are some amazing rigs from some readers!

Just wanted to introduce myself....
Welcome to Mud Red, send us afew pics as well.
Enjoy the ride!
Welcome to Mud:flipoff2:
:flipoff2: Pics please!
6K? Sheesh. I paid 9.2K for a nice '96 just a year ago. Congrats on the truck!

Welcome! :flipoff2:
o yeah. anyonne have advice on how to get this 'aftermarket' woodgrain kit out of thisi thing w/o leaving too much glue residue? The kit doesn't even fit very well...a sad attempt at woodgrain IMO

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