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Apr 14, 2007
Eureka, NV (Middle of nowhere, Nevada)
Hello Everyone!

I'm Steve Garrison from Eureka, Nevada. I am a new TLCA member but have been an off-roader for years and years. I just purchased an 07 FJ Cruiser. Black diamond base model with convenience pkg, tow pkg & roof rack. No view-obstructing useless gauge pod on the dash.

I also own a 1992 Toyota 4wd truck with 233+k miles and previously owned a 1971 FJ-40 which had well over 390k miles when I sold it.

My wife would get me into trouble when we were on some mountainside with her favorite comment "Where's your sense of adventure?" I took this as a dare one time (which I'm sure it was) and took a road which, scared her so bad that she has never uttered those fateful words again, not even in jest.

I look forward to reading and participating on this forum as well as enjoying the benefits of TLCA Membership. Thanks for having me. It's always good to be had. (?)
Welcome home!

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