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Apr 21, 2002
On a hill overlooking a lake in Idaho
Called to check if membership address was current, (Windsor ca.) and found a new address and phone number.
P.O.Box 1357
Rapid City S.D.


No changed in TT or web page yet.
This just changed about a week ago. The old address is still good for the rest of the year so we won't miss anything. The new address goes directly to the admin. so your membership will be processed faster.
Yes, as Paul notes, these are the new changes with regards to the Administrator position.

and how about that new phone number... TLCA!! too cool.

So everyone knows, Jacki Miller is our new Administrator. Her job is not only membership, but also all other accounting processes and many tasks once done by the treasurer.

And here is the best part... when you call, she is there to answer the phone. Give her a jingle and say Howdy!
I just called and talked to Jackie at the new admin office. Very pleasant and eager to help us members. I wish her the best of luck in this new (for her) position!
I just sent in my $27 to join about a week ago!
i dont have to pay another fee in a month (2004)? do i?

I am looking forward to joining..and the benefits.

Joe M.
[quote author=SpaceGhost link=board=10;threadid=3577;start=msg26228#msg26228 date=1042023412]
I just called and talked to Jackie at the new admin office. Very pleasant and eager to help us members. I wish her the best of luck in this new (for her) position!
Ditto, just spoke with her to make sure my membership was still valid, very personable. :) Always found Karr to be helpful too.
[quote author=- S.A. - link=board=10;threadid=3577;start=msg66880#msg66880 date=1069619391]
I just sent in my $27 to join about a week ago!
i dont have to pay another fee in a month (2004)? do i?

Memberships are based on the date you regardless if you upped Nov 15th or Jan 14th, that's your anniversary date. Nothing to do with calendar year.
Woody has it absolutely correct, based on 1 year from join or renewal date.

I also want to note Multiple Year renewals work great too! Just multiply the amount by the number of years you want to renew for and send it in. We are making sure folks who use multiple years still get their yearly dash plaques and such.

This saves everyone a lot of work and TLCA will be pushing multiple year renewals a lot in 2004. You will certainly see it on the new Renewal Remittance Envelopes we'll be sending to everyone in their 2nd to last issue of Trails.

you folks asked for it, you folks got it! 8)
Not trying to cut out an already effecient price, but why not offer a discount for multiple year renewals as well?

4 years $100 or something. Not much, but an incentive to spent the extra dough and get it over with.

Being in the membership (gym/tanning) business myself, I gotta say that doing longer term memberships is a good move. I hope it works out for you guys.

When I clear my head and budget this FJ45LV project next week I'll be getting me a number.

Tom IV
Is there such a thing as a life membership? I'd be up for that, as would many people I expect. Might save alot of work and postage over the years...

It would be way cool to have a LIFE MEMBER TLCA ID card!
I vote life
Just multiply $27 by the number of years you expect to live and cut a check. :)

Actually, are lifetime memberships a good idea from the Association's point of view?
Once you get your lifetime membership, you essentially no longer provide any regular
funds to the organisation. I don't know how much money the memberships generate
as compared to other sources of revenue, but I'd imagine it's significant.

How about an alternative? Pay your membership for X number of consecutive years,
and get a commemorative card for it, and a discount on all future renewals until you
let one lapse? Status symbol, incentive to stay current, and doesn't really cut into the
Association's budget too much. Just a thought.

Hey, wow! I just took advantage of one of the benefits of membership. Woohoo!
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ideally, the association can invest your up front money and remain ahead over a longer term...

additionally, membership numbers are generally held up higher when longer term memberships or automatic renewalls are available.

Believe me, if TLCA could use PayPal (and they can't for some legal reason), I'd have myself setup on a yearly subscription basis and never worry about having a late payment again...
I really wish we could use Paypal too. Asking people to snail mail a check for ads seems so archaic.

Interestingly, every banner advertisor on the 'MUD site has the option to use paypal...and every one has thus far sent in a business check. From a record-keeping standpoint, I can see why they would, particularly businesses of any size.

Unfortunately, I finally need to set up an actual bank account under the business name....tomorrow's project...
I pay as many business bills as I can with my corporate credit card. It costs me nothing, lets me delay the cash outflow for a month, and I earn A LOT of miles.

Blue ribbon and United have long term membership. I know United is incoporated and has the ability to do this. Im thinking since TLCA is a not for profit organization we are limited to what we can do. The TLCA is a member of Blue ribbon and United, Both of these are huge organiztions and growing. I'm wondering if anyone ever thaught about examining the pro's and con's of becoming incorporated? Just a thought and thanks for reading.

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