New tires....smoking brake drum PT2 brake shoe rubbing only when wheel is installed?

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May 1, 2011
So....I pulled the wheel and drum and found a few things....the drum is a pretty sloppy fit compared to others I have seen... so it came off without any effort at all and has some obiviouse damage or problems with any of the parts inside....brake lines are staright and not damaged.
Next I noticed part of the back plate channel was bent over a bit and looked like it could cause an drum alignment a straightened it out...cleaned everything with brake cleaner and lubricated the adjuster threads a bit as they were pretty corroded...wheel cylinders are moving and shoes are returning but the bottom shoe moves out more than the top shoe...seems like the wheel cylinders are a bit tired but still is the issue....when I put the drum back on I can spin the axle and no rub....when I get the wheel back on and cranked down....the bottom shoe is rubbing again at one part of the turn cycle....

So....I assume either the weak cylinder is allowing one shoe to extend too far or that the drum itself is somehow being pulled out of allignment one the wheel is reinstalled???
Other than the wheel there something I am missing that should be aligning the drum to center when it is reinstalled?

Remember...everything was working before the new tires were installed...same rims???

whats the rub????(pun intended)..haha:p

Thanks for any and all insight!
fixed for the moment....adjusted the cylinders and no rub now....still think the cylinders are very tired....ordering a rear set from CCOT in the am and will have them in stock when I need em.

Got to enjoy my new tires for a bit!

Good Night!

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