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Apr 6, 2008
Hello all, I am new to the forum and have had my 2000LC since 2003. I have just over 90k and the water pump/timing belt forum helped a bunch. Anyway, I live in VA beach and don't see much snow at all, but sometimes ice in the winters. I just purchased XD7758 18x9 rims and 285/60/18 rims are suggested. I drive predominately 90% on road, but I am originally from West Virginia and go on ski trips on occasion. Any suggestions on any different tire sizes/brands to run. I am considering Michelin Latitude Tours (tirerack reviews). I currently have Michelin M/S on the original 16's. Thanks.

Nilopol with 2000 LC Stock except:
Pioneer Navigation system/back up camera
actually those are the XD rockstars, i got the XD monsters in flatblack, and I don't have them mounted yet because of tire indecisions, but i will definitely post pics when available, thanks.
I am confirming the specs but believe 18x9 rim, 5x150 blot pattern and Offset: +30 mm with
Backspacing: 6.18". Will reply later with confirmation, thanks
the 285/60/18 should fit fine in terms of in the wheel wells. I would go with the LTX M/S in that size if your looking for onroad performance. If you want something more aggressive check to see if the toyo open country's are made in that size(im on my cell I can't check ATM).
Welcome to the forum!

These are definitely different wheels from what we are used to here... You might want to see if anybody out here would like to trade their OEM 18s for 16s, as many wheelers may want to do...
Unfortunately I haven't found LTX M/S in anything greater than 17's and these are 18's. I do like the drive of the M/S's. But I will keep looking, thanks for the help.
I was wondering what thoughts were between 285/60/18 versus 275/60/18 size tires on 18x9 wheels? What handling differences could I see? Which would readers prefer for overall all season capability on a 2000LC. Thanks.
Check the Revo's also for the size you are looking for. They have a couple of different options for the 18" wheels.
Check the Revo's also for the size you are looking for. They have a couple of different options for the 18" wheels.

Nitto too. 2 distinct (load range and aspect ratio IIRC) 285/18s
LT 285/65/18 Michellin LTX A/T2. The 60 wall would be rough is the only reason I would not think they make it.
Would be plenty for those snow trips and last forever...

If you really hate them after trial, we swap and I take my chances. If that tire was out when I was buying, there would have been no decision issues for me. All of course just my opinion.
I have stock height so could I go up to a 285/65-75/18's? And wondering if anyone had comments on Michelin Latitude Tour HP as a tire. Tirerack gives decent ratings. Just gathering more info, thanks.

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