New tie rod?

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Mar 27, 2011
Poulsbo, WA
Ok so I ordered a tie rod end kit from Kurt at cruiseroutfitters... Got it all installed today. Which was made ridiculously easy by the universal tie rod end puller. Part number is OTC7315a on amazon. Don't even bother with pickle forks or a hammer or silly wood blocks. Took five minutes to get all four ends out plus steering damper.
Now on to my problem... I can't seem to go any further in with my tie rod ends to adjust the toe in. Making it so I have a little out. It's not bad but not ideal... I've read that Mr. T changed the thread lengths on the rod ends which is why they come with new rods.
So do I need the new tie rod to fix my problem? Has anyone else encountered this? I should not that my relay rod is just fine and my steering wheel is sitting centered with room for adjustments to either side.
Any words of advice? Anyone encounter this before?
Well, if you ordered from Kurt, you probably got a Japanese set of 555 brand TRE/RREs which should be made to replace your old ones exactly. Mine were.

I've never read about the thread change for OE, but if that were true, it would mean the Toyota ones were different, not the aftermarket.

Some pix of what the threads look like and how installed might help.
Pictures of the tie rod ends. If I remember my convo with Dan last week the thread length on the Toyota ends was lengthened. Which is why they give you new rods with the ends.
First picture is driver side tie rod end and second is passenger. The ends are screwed in as far as I can get them.
The only logical solution right now to me is hoping a new tie rod from Toyoda has deeper threads. Or deepening the threads with some kind of tool. Would anyone recommend the latter? I feel like that could be pretty easy to do... Anyone know the size of the threads on the tie rod and the tools I'd need to do that?
Strange, I've installed new TREs from Kurt a month ago, the only issue was the threads inside the rods were rusted/dirty and the TREs were not going further. I cleaned the threads and everythings worked.
Have you compared the old TRE threads against the new ?

Again, Mr. T may have changed the thread length, but I doubt Mr. 555 did. Are you sure there's just not crap or rusty threads preventing you from threading in all the way...

If you believe that's really the issue, call Kurt on Monday and ask - he's very helpful and knowledgeable. That's why we buy from him :)
The more I think about it the more I think there is crap/rust in the threads... What's a good way to clean them?
Took off the tie rod and cleaned up the threads with a wire brush and PB... Ends still won't screw in any further. Upon closer inspection the threads where the ends are stopping look to be trashed... I don't know how that happens.
I'll probably order a new Tie rod from Dan tomorrow just to end the hassle. I think the cheapest Tie rod end is around 60 or 70... And it comes with a new rod.

Would still like to know if there is another way to clean up the threads inside the Tie rod...


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