New Texas HJ45, finally!

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Feb 23, 2006
Dallas, TX | Polanco, Mex
Hello all,

We picked up one of the recent CR imports after several years of searching for a 45/47 and could not be happier. Took us four or five weeks to agree with the dealer but otherwise very pleased. My wife just sent me this pic she posed out in the pasture with our 55 :steer:

We looked closely at 12 - 15 and decided on this really clean old guy. Looking forward to learning the H engine nuances. It is likely to get most of it's use by my wife with trips to working dog events and Search and Rescue. We're going to have to come up with hoops and a cover to shade the dogs in the bed kennels. Waiting around out in the field in the TX heat can be brutal!
Nice find! My wife's is the same color and she enjoys taking it on errands.

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