New Style Water Pump Gaskets

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Dec 10, 2009
Ottawa Ontario Canada
They've probably been around for a while but these are new to me.
Has anyone installed a water pump on their 3B using the Toyota tin gasket supplied with the water pump?
Should I use any silicone on the tin? Torque to same specs as with paper gaskets? Any special considerations?
Water Pump Gasket 001.jpg
Looks like a "crush" gasket. I have one on my 1HZ pump from Toyota. Ive put 2 of them on without sealant and no problems.The 1st one was on a 1HZ I had rebuilt and it never leaked until I sold it 6 years later.
Current one is going good after 2-3 years.
That ridge crushes down and forms a water tight seal.
I torqued mine to factory specs the same as a paper gasket.
There was a similar one on my T-stat housing on the 3B - I just tightened it down dry because it looked like it would crush and seal. Haven't started that motor yet.

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