New starter issues when hot

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Oct 21, 2008
brooklyn ny
Hey guys,

About a year ago I put new starter on my '81 (the starter was for a newer 60, not the older original). This summer on two occasions on hot days - turn the key, nothing. Whack the starer solenoid with a piece of wood and the thing starts right up. Both of these times I was running around town starting and stopping often.

Any thoughts? The wires were tight but I torqued them anyway.

Possible you got a starter that was new with a failing solenoid. I have purchased many parts in the past that come out of the box bad.
I'd do the typical things. Make sure the cables are clean at the battery and the starter. If that doesn't fix it, I'd check the contacts, making sure they too are clean and not excessively worn.

This is all moot if the starter is under warranty. If it is, get it replaced and make sure the cables are clean as you install the new one.
The solenoid is expanding in the heat and jamming. Smacking it with a hammer confirmed it.

Get a new starter.
Thanks guys!
before you put it in, get a starter thermo blanket from your nearest autoparts store. It helps dissipate the heat and keeps the solenoid from suffering from heat sink. it really does make a difference on the warm days in traffic

Starter for a 81 should be the same as any from 81-90

But yes it's time to rebuild or replace. Best starter is a reman from toyota, about $130, it's good for another 100k or more.

Keep that hammer handy till then.

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