New Shocks! And what to do with old shocks?

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Feb 27, 2006
Houston, TX
Thanks to everyone who posted up how-to's for shock replacement...the first three went without a hitch...couple days of penetrant on the nuts and then hand tools.

DS shock was....unpleasant. Literally broke a 1" strap wrench (reinforced with metal belting!) which bashed my forearm into the fender. Bought a cheapie pipe wrench and persuaded the nut to let loose.

So: what to do with the old shocks? Asked the guys on the garbage truck..."no way!" Local recycling center doesn't specifically say they will or won't take shocks...can't get anyone to actually answer the phone (just a recording) and it's a bit of a drive. Do most recycling centers take these?

Anyone in Houston-area want four LX-450 shocks with 122K miles on them? ;)

BTW, thanks CDan for the screaming deal on the new shocks!
Trash them. They are worthless. I usually keep one set as spare so that if the other set goes back for warranty repair, I can still drive the car!
I just tossed mine in the garbage can after I removed em.
Make a comfy cushy chair.

Where in Houston?

Buck Buchanan
Don't throw them in the burn pile.....
garden sculpture?
1 front and 1 back for a quick repair spare and the other two are in that dirty little corner of my back yard waiting for the dump.

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