New Seats (Growing Pains)

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Mar 22, 2009
Sandy, UT
hey guys, so I just got some 80 seats and wanted to put them into my 60. I have been trying to make them work for the last two hours but have no idea of what I have to do to make them work. Has anyone done this already? any help would be great, thanks, Josh:beer:
What part's not working? Fitment, electrical, etc.--
fitment, for some weird reason (which I like) the seats have no electricals but the seat tracks I am having problems with and I Got 3 out of the 4 bolts in and the seat has this lean to it. help please!
Pics please!

I had a bracket fabbed up that bolted to the stock holes, and bloted my after market seats to the bracket...
woah!!!! really how about pics of that bracket please!!
Like the other fella, I had some brackets made to bolt my Hunsakers to my stock rails. I just posted pics and info in another guy's seat bracket thread and don't want to be known as "the guy who posts pics of his junk in every single thread on the forum."

Here's a link to the thread on my rig:
s'long as you're not posting pictures of your junk, I'd say go ahead. If it helps the topic at hand, it usually benefits more than the OP.
thanks for the help I will take a look at that, and THANK YOU saucebox hahahahaahah no pic of anyone junk on mud!! hahaha I dont want to puke.
Here is what I had fabbed up, exactly the same on the drivers side. Works just fine for me!
I like I like lol wayy better Idea than I was trying

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