New Rims and Rubber!

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Jan 19, 2006
Tulsa, OK
New style FJ's and 37" KM2's. :)


At first sight, (rolling off the UPS truck), I was kinda freaked out as they looked huge. I knew from past experience though, that they would "shrink" once under they truck; and they did. Here are a couple of comparison pics with the 315's. It's not near the "leap" I was freaked out over. They don't really feel different power wise (on pavement anyway). They do provide a smoother ride on pavement as well. I put the truck in low range and noticed that the crawl ratio does noticeably suffer. We'll see about gears one of these days. Going to head up to Disney tomorrow and test them out. I'll report back with the results.


I centered the 315 on top of the 37" in an attempt to show the true diameter difference and it's not really that different. If you're on the fence, I say go for it.

Nice combo!
I've been eyeing those new wheels, on the fence if I liked them, or not. I am tilting toward "like", they look good on your truck. Did you used spacers to get the caps on?

Glad my advice sold you. They look great.

Contrary to your post, I thought my 37's were a big jump up in size from 315's. My 315 dick cepeks measured to just under 33" on the truck. My 37" mickey thompsons measure to 36-3/4" mounted up. I gained 2" of ground clearance which is a lot in the rockies.

I do like the new fjc rims. Kind of wish I had found some of those.
Looks great! :clap:
What lift are you running again?

OME medium 851/860 and a 1 3/4" Metal Tech style spacer up front. 1" uerethane spacers front and rear.

Wheel spacers are 1", which I was already running on the factory wheels.
Thats a very nice combo
Man that looks nice, love the rims, get some more pics up, front and back shot if you could.
Looks nice! I do like the gun metal color of the rims. Kinda elegant but sporty.

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What are the back spacing and width on those wheels? I have been having a hard time finding 17" wheels that I like so I can go to 37's but those look great.
Nice! I'm liking the setup a lot! So you are on stock gearing??

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