new? rear axle perches??

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Apr 20, 2002
hi all-
I have an axle tube (rear FF) I wish to put perches on. The original perches cracked off (a Canadian mine truck) and they welded these monster angle iron things spring under. Who (where, how much) (besides Specter) sells a perch that does the job?
I custom make mine out of reciever tube. Cut to 6"in length, and have the torch or plasma cutter cut out the arches.
If you don't want to go through the hassle of making them, then the Dana 60 mopar ones work also.
I like the receiver tube perches because the extra length helps reduce axle wrap, and they are much stronger.

I had blown off reading that thread on POR because I thought it referred to front perches but thanks for the link!

$9.90 ea. at local Dodge dealer blows away any ideas of dicking with 2" stock.

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