new project lots of questions

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May 2, 2009
canada bc
hi guys just bought a 1978 LAND CRUISER first what are the diffrences between a fj or bj styles and i am buying a soft top for it and woundering what my options are about the back doors
The FJ runs a F series petrol engine, the BJ runs a B series diesel engine.
Fj gas
BJ diesel
no difference in body styles
Solid tailgate or add second set of hinges and go 1/2 doors
What series are you asking about.
Is this a 70 series or a 40.
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clinch, you'll probably have better luck posting in the 40 series section.
your in the wrong section.
Answer to your question the 1/2 doors should fit you will have to drill the holes for the lower hinges.the the upper hinges will line up with the existing hole from the ambi doors.
cool thanks guys sorry new to land cruisers and thought 70's ment built in the 70's but im figuring it out peice by peice
lol thanks

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