New Pics Leaky sunoof from wet floor, help

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Jan 20, 2006
Grass Valley, CA
sunroof leak
The headliner is dropped and here are some pics of the area that water drain into when put on the closed sunroof. I will take wet pics tomorrow. All drains seem to be clear and I have removed the front rocker panel drain as suggested for now. Still leaks into this spot.
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First pic is top side of sunroof slider area. Second pic is underside of same area that is coroded. Is water getting there because of a faulty sunroof and seal? What I wonder is that this sunroof glass was replaced almost a year ago. A shop did the work, so I don't have all of the answers. When you replace the glass/seal, does it come with the pictured parts or just the glass /seal. Do you all think my problem is the glass/seal or the part pictured. Is water supposed to get to that part? Again, I''ll take wet pics tomorrow.
Where does the water leak from when you pour a little water from a water bottle in the drain?
Toyota said when they run water on a closed sunroof water comes in through that area. Drains are clear.

Still have not had a chance to test this ourselves and that pics of it.

Toyota said to take it back to the shop that did the work (hack masters) I mean toyota masters because the sunroof leaks. However, if this is another part ( not part of the glass and weather stripping) then is it just age or did they damage it and how could I prove that. And If it is not a failty seal our job then it would not be warrantied. If this is the case we do not want these people doing the the work. I want toyota to do it.

I hate sun roofs!
Sunroof leak

Did the test ourselves today. Pics show where the water comes in when you run water over the closed sunroof. Confirmed that the drains are draining and slits are clear and still have drain plug out of first hole in rocker panel. Would you say that the sunroof/seal is bad and needs to be replaced? Is there an adjustment for it? Going back to shop that installed it on wednesday, want to have ducks in line. 2nd pics if the topside of where the leak is shown.
The black plastic piece that is screwed down in the picture appears to be my culprit. As you may be able to see upon inspection, where the metail rail meets the plastic, there is a rounded hump to accomodate the roller screw or something. If water finds its way here, it goes to the headliner and then down to the A pillar and then comes out through the headliner stiching and in the kickpanel. Why or how water gets here, I'm not sure. I'm thinking about running some clear silicone caulk here to stop the water. I'll let you know if that helps, when I get to it. Please keep us posted as you work through the issue, as you are not alone, as you know.

That's one heck of a "leak". My carpet gets a little wet on the passenger side some times after a good soaking. It doesn't happen that often as we seldom get a good rain in CO. Also, I park in the front and our road has a huge crown so I think that has something to do with the passenger side soaking when it happens.
Keep us posted if you find a fix. I'm sure there's a lot of people who would like to hear one.
Yowsaa!! I"ll betcha a dollar that's what mine is doing also!! ONly does it on heavy rains though.
So no one has fixed this yet or has any ideas. I've got to figure this out soon. Heavy rains happen a lot this time of year in the hills of Northern Cal.

Do you guys think that the new glass and seal was not installed well. therefore its getting more water in than it was ever intended to etc. Is there shims or adjustments etc?
I have not had a sunroof leak so I can't be of much direct help, but over the years we have had many owners with various leaks. The concensus is that a functioning system will flow a tremendous amount of water without leaking. In light of this, I don't think you can "get more water in than it was ever intended to ..."

From what you've shown in the pictures, I would suspect one or more of the drain hoses has come off. That is a huge "leak" you have pictured in post #5. You might have had a poor installation of the sunroof and the drains may not be attached as designed. I would inspect it closely and see what you find.

Next would be to search for some posts by "Jim_Phillips" and what he went through on his leaks. I am certain he solved the majority of his problems with some additional sealing in the areas you have pictured.

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Found Jim's posts but that was in the SOR forum days.;f=8;t=000283#000000

You can also search in the 80 Section of the SOR archives as we discussed ways to fix leaking moon roofs several times.

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Thanks for the input. I will look at that post.
The headliner is droped pretty good and you can see the drains well.
Everything look good and we tested the drains ourselfs pulled the end out of the rockers and placed into a large bottle. The drains flow very good and fast and I can see that they are connected well.
As you said a tremendous amount of water can flow thru there however the area in the front corners where the water is spilling over seems to be a weak spot. This area is not as tall at the rest of the guters and this is where the drains start this is not good when the system is overloaded it fail like the pic shows.
I could try to fix this myself but I am concerned that to much water is being alowed in.
I just don't know.
Something does not look right to me. This area appers to be broken. I do not feel like ripping out my headliner to look at mine. Any body have an exposed pan?
It also appears that the roof has possibly been "worked" or at least re-finished at some point. It is possible that those marks could have come from a sunroof deflector.
See if you can remove this piece and look for cracks under it.
It is also possible that when the glass was replaced they may have disturbed some type of dam that may keep the water from heading out in that direction.
Did anybody have any luck fixing this one?

Rob- Did you try caulking where the metal rail meets the plastic? Did this help?
I am watching this thread too as mine leaks a bit. Why? I dont know yet! I hate the first stop after a rain....a backfull of cold agua! Brrrr!

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