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May 4, 2007
Hi everyone,

After lurking for the past year and searching for the past few months, I managed to find a clean rig here in the midwest and made the 300 mile trip home yesterday. 96 with 139k. I can't believe I didn't notice before, but when I got home I realized that the bumpers were painted the same color as the body- was this part of the "gold" package along with the pinstripe? It's a good color match, but a couple areas have a bit of peeling and I'm wondering what it would take to get them back to their original finish.

1st project: deblingification- remove gold pinstripe and get the gold off of the emblems.
Jan 13, 2009
Vancouver BC regular cruiser also has painted bumpers.
Don't know if the PO painted them or not.

not much difference for me though having a black cruiser:D
Dec 12, 2004
Looks pretty much like my Moonglow Pearl 80, the bumpers were a pretty close match with the body color before I put the aftrmarket stuff on. The gold pinstripe was probably an add on, I don't think it was a part of the Gold Package per se. I have seen gold package cruisers that did not have a pinstirpe.

BTW, mine has the Black Pearl package and had a light gray pinstripe, that I had removed. Pinstripes are just a dealer's way of getting a few more bucks profit when the unit heads out the door.

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