New Owner preparing for a long road trip

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Feb 2, 2004
Omaha, NE
Hello everyone,

New owner of a 55K mile, 2004 LC. Considering a long road trip to Glacier NP this summer. Truck is scheduled for water pump and TB. All else is in working order at the moment. No issues, noises, etc. My question for the group, is what should I be prepared for? Should I carry any spare parts? In other cars, I have kept a scan tool and an extra coil pack.

Appreciate any and all advice,
With 55k, if you have maintained it just put gas in and drive. There is a Toyota dealer in kallispell, MT to get the oil changed!. Enjoy that gem of a find. Did the drive from OKC to Glacier to the west coat and home with a truck with 2x the miles, 3 kids, bikes, lots of stiff and absolutely zero issues! Enjoy!
is 55k a mistype? 55k? No 1 or 2 in front of the 55k? A baby by miles. A needed baseline by time most likely prudent.

LOL. @Trunk Monkey no longer even comments, just lays out the searches.

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