new owner, few questions lx 450

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Mar 6, 2015
im the proud owner of a very used lx 450. it has 330k miles. the tires roar (no clue), the floor is soaked (dash is dry).

it was my dads and he parked it with the high miles and a hard to determine noise. thats when the floor got wet. its at my mechanics now and its running. did a good tune up and cleaned up under the hood.

any ideas on the floor and how many more miles it can take?

can admit that ive stalked this forum to fall in love. i want to some mods but it will mainly be a daily driver.

will post pics later today. thanks.

oh, its got no
The floor sounds like the sunroof drains, just search on here, you can use a piece of wire or something similar to unclog them...

You'd have to provide some more info on the noise...

How many more miles? How big is your wallet, anything will run forever with proper maintenance and replacing parts...but do a compression and leakdown test and send your oil to Blackstone Labs to have it analyzed, this will tell you roughly what shape the motor's in, as for the trans, driveline, electrical, etc, just gotta assess that as the problems come...

Congrats and good luck!!!
here she is... dont laugh
its a roaring sound according to my dad. i drove it today and didnt hear it. he said it happens and then it doesnt. so you may not hear it for a few days and then it returns.
The roaring sound could be the fan clutch locking up at low RPM instead of only when the temperature is up.

Wet floors could be sunroof drains, poorly adjusted sunroof, or a leaky windshield. All 3 are common.

Welcome to the addiction! :flipoff2:

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