For Sale New Orleans: 2005 LX470 162k miles

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX470
For sale, good condition LX470, 162k miles, mechanically sound, drives very well. No issues with drivetrain (4wd, axel lockers all function as they should). Interior is in good shape, one small tear in driver seat, the rest of the seats are pretty much pristine. Everything in the interior works. Sunroof works well and without leaks. I was told it has been in Louisiana since 2012 or so, though was registered in Ohio at that time. A few scuffs on the bumpers but still a gorgeous looking car.

VIN: JTJHT00W053553488

Some body rust - only really apparent at handle of top trunk liftgate (doesn't affect the function or seal of the trunk) frame is solid and hasn't affected drivability.
AHC system has been disabled - was replaced with standard suspension system, rides fine without it, just won't adjust as you drive. As you can see in the pictures it sits at a normal level.
Check engine light just came on - its reading as an issue with the EVAP system (P0441), hasn't impacted drivability, haven't had the time to go get it checked out

Its not perfect but its mechanically sound. I've been driving it as my daily driver since I got it. Intended to put some time into it but my circumstances have changed. Looking to get $12,000 OBO.


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