New on this forum. Just bought my first Bj42 (1984)

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Apr 11, 2008
The Netherlands
Hi everybody,

I just joined this forum. I bought a 1984 BJ42 two days ago from a German forester who owned it for a couple of years. Everything seems to work fine, but I noticed there is a lot of play in the steering wheel.
I'll start the registration procedure next week and hope to have my Dutch license plates in a couple of weeks.
3B engine, 5 speed, mechanical winch on the PTO.

Welcome to Mud, but your going to need to post more pics of your new toy. Plus you'll need to keep us up to date on any mods. Cheers
Bienvenidos, very nice BJ42, please post more pics of your cruiser

Nice Truck ;)

Welcome to the pain...MUD :flipoff2: (official welcome sign)

Again, welcome :clap:
What a beauty! Welcome!

Begin by tightening your bell crank- this is the odd-looking conical item to the left of your PTO under the radiator. Loosen the smaller centre bolt and the tighten the larger bolt untill it is snug. You may want to wiggle the steering wheel back-and-forth a few times to ensure that you got all the play out of the bell crank. Now back the larger bolt off a bit and tighten the smaller bolt to lock it in place. Pump a few squirts of grease into the zerk for good measure.

Next, look under your left front fender/guard/wing and find the cylindrical-looking thing which connects the swing arm from the steering box to the drag link arm which goes to your bell crank. At the very end of this, there is a cotter pin. Remove this. Now use the largest flat-head screw driver you can find, and tighten the screw on the end as tight as it will go; you may need to wiggle the steering wheel a few times to get it as tight as you can. Now back the screw out just enough to get a new cotter pin back in. Now pump a few squirts of grease into the zerk like you did on the bell crank.

You have now adjusted all that you can in the steering. If you are still getting play, then you may have to look at replacing the tie rod ends. This is not hard, but will require an alignment once you are done.

You will never get rid of all the play in this system unless you replace the 40 series power steering box with one from a 60 series. However, with a properly adjusted and reasonably new system, you should be really happy with your steering. I hope this helps.


:flipoff2:welcome to mudd! evveryone forgets the rules on welcome wagons!! so here is another:flipoff2:mines green also all green cruisers must unite
Welcome! Very nice rig! More pix?

I just bought a 1980 BJ 40 a few weeks ago and am preparing for a rebuild. Congratulations and welcome, your rig looks great. We all want more pics please inside, outside, underneath and engine compartment.:cheers:
Thanks for the welcome and I have a question concerning BJ40/BJ42 production timeline

Hi thanks for the warm welcome!
The play in the steering has been fixed. Replaced some parts, but I also found out there were some bolts who needed tightening.
I have another question. A guy want to sell his May-1984 BJ40. It has 5-gear, powersteering and front disc brakes, so I assumed it was a BJ42. But he insists that it is a BJ40. He already corrected me twice during our email correspondence.
I'll try to get a copy of the registration papers, but does anybody know when production of BJ40 ended? I've read it somewhere on the internet a couple of days ago, but now that I need it, I can't seem to find it again.
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I was wondering if you could tell me the colour of your Bj42, looks fantastic
Did anybody notice this tread is over a year old. The guy hasn't logged on Mud in almost a year. You would have better luck sending a Email. Thaat does look like a nice BJ LHD too.:cheers:

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