New OME rear suspension help

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Jan 28, 2013
North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Hi, sucessully installed new rear medium springs and sport OME shocks. I installed the 50 mm 2-3 inch medium load springs and shocks since I thought that my 61 had 2 inch lift. The old springs had a broken leaf each and more on the way! But to my shagrin, the new springs which look heavier did not improve the ride height one bit! They look exactly the same height as my sagging broken old leaf springs.
Ater all of that work (3 days) of banging, wacking, grunting with no gratification has me feeling let down. Ok, there is no longer a bang when I go over a bump, but, that is because who ever installed the last shocks installed shocks with too little travel. The old shocks were longer than the ones OME prescribed for the new springs.
Maybe I actuallyl had 3 inch lift to begin with? I don't know. All I know is the front is still riding a little higher than the rear.

Any way I can correct this and bring the rear up higher? Or maybe I need to put the same springs in the front and lower it to match the rear?

Any thoughts? Thanks
You really want to compare the free arch of the new packs to the old ones. That sets the ride height. You could add a leaf from the old packs to the new ones to stiffen them up, which should raise your ride height, but you don't want your springs too stiff as it'll kill your flex.

If you really want to get stuck in, you pull apart both the old and new leaf packs and compare individual leaves. They will all probably have different free arch, so you might be able to swap some leaves from the old pack to the new ones that have more arch, which will increase the overall arch of the whole pack.
Would be interesting to know from which baseline the aditional 2 inches are actually measured. What was stock on a new 60 / 61 / 62 ? For sure they din´t all came with the same height / rate springs. I did some research today but found only very few data.
I fitted new OME springs today to my truck and had the same experience. Not at the rear though - this seems to be fine but at the front. My old front springs were actually still quite good if you only look at the ride height.
I fitted the heavy front springs CS005F and got a bump stop gap of about 75mm while the old spring were at 60mm. That was a bit disappointing too. I have to say that I do have that heavy pto winch setup. Made me think of synthetik winch rope and a lighter craddle... At the rear I fitted CS004R mediums and got ~ 165 mm bump stop gap. That was up from 110 mm so is a proper 50mm / 2 inch lift.
Would be realy good to know for the op and us how much of a gap was stock.
Hi Nath - need to catch up some time and do some spring exercise !
All I know is the front is still riding a little higher than the rear.

Any way I can correct this and bring the rear up higher?

You should be in touch with the vendor. If they wont help, I would contact head office. New suspension doesn't need mods to get it right.
It should be right from day 1.
You're right rosco, but I think blueberries only replaced the rear springs - the front ones are still from a former unknown lift.
Thanks guys. All good information. It' s funny how I've dreaded doing this work for years because I didn't know how it would turn out since I had no experience with suspension. It's so empowering to do it and find out that it's not such a mystery after all. Now, I know exactly what's involved! Mind you Ithink that i got lucky and was able to get all of the nuts off (some with a 4 foot extention) and was also able to reuse 6 bushings that were obiously from a former OME susspension since I only ended up with enough bushings for one set of springs.

Thank you for the information regarding ride height. The problem is that if I try and increase the ride height in the rear and then buy the same springs for the front, I'm going to be too high in the rear! I don't think there is a 3 inch option for springs from OME.

So I guess that I'll order the same height for the front at some point and the ride height will be brought down within the same range as the springs that I just put on the rear.

I too have the heavy winch in the front and the 12Ht so I should order the heavy springs for the front?

Maybe I should contact the previous owner and see if he was involved in installing these springs or remember what he was told from the owner before that. Aww, the joys of havng such an old multiple owner vehicle!
Its always better to replace all four corners of the suspension to avoid the dramas .

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