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Sep 21, 2014
Greeting from Montana. Bought my first FJ40 new in 1969 since the I have owned 5 FJ40's. In 1976 I drove an FJ40 from LA, Calif to Kodiak Al then to Egan Minn, pulled a trailer and motorcycle. I retired to Montana in 1995 became a widower in 2005, bought some land and built an 8 bay shop, working on a house. I decided I needed another project so when a 66 FJ40 came up on Craig list here in Great Falls I knew I had to have it. It was kind of a basket case, needed clutch, brakes and some electrical work but it will make a great hunting rig. As soon as I get it off the hoist I will post some pictures.
Jan 22, 2007
Alva, Fl.
Looking forward to the pics--My '77 went a similar trip--new in Ca. then straight to Ketchikan, back to S.D., then to Idaho, then Montana, Oregon, N.D., them back to Dillon, Montana-that's where I got it from(the deal was made in Lively's Bar, over a few MooseDrools)----

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