New Mexico Fuel Prices - Where's The Cheapest Gas?

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Oct 8, 2022
Taos, NM
The best price I've seen on regular gas here in The Land Of Enticement was at one of the pueblo stations between Albuquequacky and Santa Fe: $2.92 per gallon. And $2.99 in Espanola, always the cheapest fuel in El Norte. (This was around Thanksgiving, so prices have maybe changed since then.)

What are YOU paying per gallon?
A sampling from my 'hood. I've seen less.

The reservations do not have to pay state taxes on fuel so if it’s not .17 a gallon less than every where else you are getting ripped off.
I paid $2.89 a gallon in Moriarty yesterday. Just a few miles away in Edgewood it was $3.19 a gallon.
Gas buddy app is your best friend. I think i paid $2.80 at costco the other day.

I'm waiting till it gets down to 89 cents a gallon before I fill up.

And they're gonna be giving away all that silverware and plates and stuff!
I would love to see those prices, in Pagosa Springs, $3.84 here for Reg
Was 2.62 at the station behind Sprouts on Corrales Rd yesterday. That's cash. I just got back from a road trip back to Ohio last week and New Mexico had BY FAR the cheapest gas on my route.

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