New member with HJ61 in Belgium

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Jul 16, 2016
Having just bought a '86 HJ61, I figured I'd start a thread. I've been lurking for a few years, have always been a classic car guy, mostly 60's to 80's Alfa Romeo, but have always wanted a LC.

I almost bought a HZJ75 troopie several times, but never quite made the leap, a bit too utilitarian for my purposes. However, in the past year, I've found myself in need of a tow rig with a little more creature comforts and the HJ61 fits the bill beautifully.

That being said, I already feel tempted to try my hand at some light off-roading. :angelic:

Here she is:







I'll update this thread with some better pics once I've taken delivery. It's an '86, 400.000km, super clean, doubt it ever left paved roads, a few very small rust spots (that I know of for now...). Has the suspension seats, sadly no A/C or cable lockers.

Naturally I already have some questions, for starters: is there a list of EU parts suppliers somewhere? I'm familiar with Cruiserworld in NL, but nothing that rivals the bigger specialists like Marlin Crawler, SOR and the Aus specialists, shipping and customs aren't cheap...

I was also wondering what oil Europeans are using in the gearbox and T-case? Semi-synthetic GL4 isn't very common anymore. Redline MT90 comes highly recommended, but that stuff is 27€/quart here. :eek:

Same question for the LSD full floater rear. I found Kendall 75w90 full synth with LS additive, but nothing readily available off the shelf.

Plans so far:

- fluids, belts, filters, valves, maybe an axle and brake rebuild (even if not needed, should give a good idea of how the car was maintained, sadly no service history).
- FJ40 steelies with BFG A/T's 31x10.5R15
- small rust spot repair (one small door and wheel arch blister, as well as two very small spots in the trunk floor, best to get to them now before they become holes
- some cosmetic stuff: 4-speed FJ60 style gear knob, chrome side mirrors
- 24/12V converter, 30 or 40 amp with dedicated fusebox (switched/constant 12V)
- radio install, first have to source a set of door cards with speaker holes, mine don't have any and I don't want to ruin what might be one of the few remaining sets of unmolested door cards in Europe. :hmm:

I'm sure a million more annoying newbie questions will follow when I've given the car a more thorough once over, which was the more sinister motive for starting this thread. :D
The grass is always greener I suppose. I'm jealous of how relatively easy it is to get a super clean FJ60 in the US if you're willing to pay a premium. A solid unmolested 60 is rare as hen's teeth in Europe at any price it seems. Couldn't live with the 2F though.

The more I look at the crazy 80's retro striping, the more I'm considering of just running with it and taking it to the next level. Perhaps a set of these:


And a set of KC Daylighters:


It's either the best or the worst idea ever. Hard to say. Thoughts? :hmm:

And of course another question: anyone know if the 24V HJ's have the same subpar headlight wiring running current straight through the switch? If so, that'll be another job to add to the list.
WELCOME TO MUD :flipoff2: <--- Official IH8MUD Welcome :flipoff2:

Love your Cruiser as it sits. Thanks for sharing pictures!
Thanks for the traditional American welcome. :woot: I was already familiar with this custom, studying Mr Bean documentaries:


If everything goes as planned, i've already sourced a set of FJ40 steelies for €150, I can sandblast those, followed by thermal zinc spraying and paint in our shop. Should look nice with a set of hubcaps and a lot easier on the wallet than a set of €1000 3 piece split rims.

They are nice though... maybe I need both sets. I mean, that's just good common sense, right? Right? :bang:
Well, the LC's home. Went to see the car at night on a drab, rainy day. Sitting in my driveway in the sun, she looks even better. :bounce:


Another tidbit of wisdom from someone who lives in a historic village with winding, narrow cobblestone roads: turns out a 60 series is... BIG. Bet you guys didn't know that. ;) ... I need parking sensors.
Figured I'd need a service manual, "Let's not overthink this and just hit print". Well, turns out, much like the car, the FSM is oversized as well. :doh:


Being 6'6", I noticed the roof was looking a bit rough, lots of old tree sap etc, felt like 400 grit sandpaper. Started claying it, looks brand new. Lots of real estate to cover though. Might disassemble the interior and steamclean everything tomorrow if it isn't too hot.

Down the rabbit hole we go... :D

Anyone know if there are scans of the HJ61 owners manual and parts manual floating around somewhere? Might as well eat up the rest of my shop shelf space!

EDIT: Another question: am I missing something or are the round headlight 60 series not equipped with a permanent high beam switch? The steering wheel stalk has parking/running lights and the high beam flashing function, that's it.
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Left Steering wheel stalk:

Push=permanent high beam
Great looking 60.

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