new member w/ 2000 LC

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Jun 6, 2010
West Seattle, WA U.S.
so i guess ill quit lurking and put up a post. have a 2000 LC w/ 3" OME lift, on 315/75-16 BFG T/A ko's. had the truck for about 3 and a half years. love it! had a few problems when i first got it, new u-joints, cv's, but made the dealer pay for all of it. and then added the slee diff drop. a few other minor problems, tps, pwr/2nd switch. still love it! got 126k or so on it now, bought w/ 67k...i think. bought w/ kit already on. when i first got it seemed that there were very few 100 series cruisers out there with anykind of setup, but lots of nice cruisers on here! id kinda givn up on tryn to do much more to it as there are very few manufacturers of stuff for this thing. and can be a bit pricey. then again this is my first truck ever. mainly a highway queen but also use it to tow my hornet car. heres a pic at the track.
Wow those 315/75/16 really suck up a lot of that 3" lift. Just means I will need more lift when I get them! :p

Hornet car?
after looking at a few other cruisers on here im pretty sure that the running boards gotta go. just a bit worried that after a few years of use im gonna hate not having them. so's the ol lady. but hey it looks waaaay better.
The ol lady will be an issue, she won't like the step being removed. But hey, that just makes a perfectly good excuse to replace the running boards with sliders! :D
heres the hornet... i run it at evergreen speedway in WA state. 4-cyl. stock car on a road course. think demo derby on road course. currently 3rd in season standing.....87 celica GT-S coupe.
I knew that first pic looked familiar! Another local 100 owner. Put a location in your profile, helps people who where you are from.
i know. now that i have a welder i may try to come up with something myself. really like the ones ive seem but seem like you could make a set for quite a bit less. probably just weld em to the frame.
so away went the runners! and WOW it looks so much better. the ole lady....nope not big on it (the floor is half way up her thigh) also fixed the crank angle sensor wire. looked like a bad reroute after some repair and got hit by the serpintine. so i got the old electric tape out, and reouted to the other side of the oil cooler line. also changed the oil.. valvoline synpower (full synth) 5-30 with a p1 O.F. (after much research on oil and filters a while back when deciding on race car oil and filters)

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