New member, picked up a Sage 97 40'th locked

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Mar 14, 2008
Huntington Beach, Ca
Just wanted to say high and thank this forum for the wealth of info provided... After looking for a couple weeks I jumped on the following ad in the autotrader. (Pics were prior to full detailing)

Worked out a tentative deal over the phone last Saturday and sealed it today. Before buying it I drove it over to a nearby toyota dealer to have it inspected and they found a slow leak on the power steering pump and a bad belt. For the price I offered the VW dealer they were not willing to replace the pump but replaced the belt for me. Carfax was clean. Although no major accidents it appears the drivers door was replaced for some reason and the plate is missing on the door panel there. Oh well. The guys at the toyota dealer said it was in good shape overall and even gave me 16 pages of service records from the previous owners who serviced it there. Mostly preventative maintenance work. Other than the door issue there are no signs of previous damage. I will post up some pics this weekend.

The dealer was saying people from a couple other states called in about this vehicle so I may have just snagged it in time.
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:flipoff2: welcome!
Congrats on a good find! Feels good doesn't it...
I picked up the same 97 40th from a Socal dealer................good price congrats, bring on the mods..
Congrats...looks like a nice rig! :flipoff2:
That's a great rig and i think the price is fair as well. When i purchased mine a year ago i looked all over the west coast so i bet there had been people calling on that one from other states. I was not the only one when i was looking for a locked 80 calling all over the place.
Good find and welcome. I am a newbie as well and the info here is indeed great.

Thanks for the welcome. I see the link is toast... it is a sage colored 115k mile locked cruiser. Drives great! It has some newish cooper atr 285/75/16 tires. I have not seen these talked about around here so they probably suck. Here are some crappy pics from the autotrader ad:
3729 005.jpg
3729 007.jpg
cruiser 002.jpg

I see your in the SoCal area or at least bought there. Check out the SoCal 80's section when you have a chance.

CA- SoCal 80's - Forum
Thanks! I am in the Westminster/Huntington Beach area and bought it in temecula. I am looking forward to meeting up with some locals and learning all about this rig.

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