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Apr 20, 2020
Pacific NW

New member here and (finally) proud new owner of my own FJ40! While this is my first LC, I've owned and built many 4WD's over the years. I recently acquired my LC project from my best friend after sitting for about 10 years. I'm here for camaraderie, info, and wealth of knowledge y'all possess! Additonally, I'm looking forward to posting my build as it progresses. I know some people are very keen on keeping everything original Toyota, and more in tune with "restoration", but that's not my goal with mine. I intend to build it, to use and enjoy :)

Now, about the Cruiser... This was purchased by my friend's dad with the intent of making a hunting rig. The original engine is long gone but I've acquired a sh*&ton of great parts with it. About 10 years ago it was completely stripped down for a frame-off rebuild. At the time the body was removed, the frame sanded and painted, diffs rebuilt and front and rear disc kits installed. A brand new Goodwrench 350 was procured and a 700R4 was completely overhauled. Advanced Adapters stuff was purchased for the SBC & 700R4 installation (motor mounts, t-case adapter, radiator, etc.). Additionally, a Painless harness, Energy Suspension body mount kit, and more stuff I can't recall off the top of my head. Unfortunately, it was a little neglected while sitting over the years and the engine was only moderately covered to protect it from the elements. I haven't pulled it apart yet so I don't know the actual health of the engine, but I was able to turn it over a bit, just by hand, so I know it's not fully seized.

While in discussions with my friend to purchase this thing, I was considering fuel injection options and was considering an LS swap. It just so happened I located & purchased a 1500 Silverado 2WD with a 4.8 & 4L60E, so that's my new plan. As far as the LS, this will be new territory for me... I'm very comfortable with the engine itself (long-time 2500 owner w/6.0) and, while I'm slow, I have no qualms tackling the wiring.

I'll take any suggestions, hints, advice, etc. from anyone who has been in my position before! About 100 years ago (it seems) I built a daily-driver S-10 w/350 & 700R4 but this will be my first LS swap. I'm planning on a mild lift, to fit 33's, so I can take the family exploring backroads, ghost towns, mild trails, etc. Any suggestions on lifts? I'll most likely keep the SUA set up and probably PS conversion at some point in the future.

The body is almost completely rust free, save for a bit of surface rust on the floorboards. My friend hasn't found the title yet, due to a recent move, but he thought it was a '68 or '69. Based on what I've read, the bi-fold rear door was only for a couple earlier years so any thoughts from you experts?

That's it for now, I look forward to your input. Thanks for reading my post!
Jun 5, 2007
Brea, Calif.
Aviator, you probably have the AA weld-in side mount front motor mounts, you will need readily available motor mount adapters to use the Gen I motor mounts you have on the newer Gen III engine (many choices on ebay). Also, you will need a 40 pulse vehicle speed sensor signal for the newer engine computer. This can be obtained either by using a 40 tooth reluctor ring and VSS at the AA adapter, or by using one of the Stealth Conversion units that attaches to the back side of the transfer-case. If you sent me your snail mail address I'd send you a freebie Downey Off Road Mfg. V8 installation instruction manual- - -although you are engine/swap savy this manual will still answer a lot of questions, plus you get to read up on the conversion before you drop a lot of coin- - -easy deal.


Oct 11, 2017
Congratulations on the new project. Have fun, upload lots of pics, and enjoy the 40 Journey! I love the corrugated top, although it is for an earlier year. 68/69 never came with a corrugated top. I believe 64 or 65 was the last year for those tops.

@Coolerman will be your best resource with regard to any wire harness questions or supplies.

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