New member, just bought an FJ40 (pics)

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Apr 23, 2009
Manhattan, KS
I was referred to this site from friends on I just bought a '74 FJ40 and am excited about my future projects with it. I've wanted one forever and couldn't turn down the deal I found with this one. It has the V8 conversion already done to it. The motor has a cracked head, but I already have a 350 to drop in it from my dad. It's been sitting for about 5 years, so I'll probably have to replace brakes, fuel lines, some wiring, and interior stuff, but I'll hopefully have it on the trails soon! It has the typical FJ rust on the rear quarter panels, but the body framework is in good shape and not rusted out. Probaly just needs the rear quarters replaced and the rest cleaned up and painted. The rockers have already been replaced, but never painted. I'm sure I'll be on here a lot picking your brains for info and help on fixing this FJ up. Here's a couple pics of it.


Now that is a project! That will keep you busy for some time to come. It will be interesting to watch the transformation.

Also as I'm sure you know....the bezel.

I'm not looking for a beauty queen! Ha ha! I'm not sure about the bezel, just looks like some surface rust... hopefully... if not, I'm sure I can find one cheap. This isn't something I'm gonna restore all at once. I just want to get it running for now and worry about the aesthetics later. I'll slowly fix the rust issues and other stuff, but for now I just want a toy to play with. Besides, it'll give me something to do in my spare time.
Uh i think he meant that the bezel is upside down ;) rust is not important...needs to be turned upside down...first thing on the list of "To do's":grinpimp:

great find btw!
Uh i think he meant that the bezel is upside down ;) rust is not important...needs to be turned upside down...first thing on the list of "To do's":grinpimp:

great find btw!

See, that's why I just became member. I probably wouldn't have noticed it was upside down. You guys are good!
dustinuhls, Have you had the official welcome:flipoff2: Hey that one is in better shape then my first one. It looks like you can do something with that, mine was so far gone it ended up being a parts truck. Now I have 3 parts trucks and 1 good one.
Good luck
Welcome to Mud.

I think you'll be pretty impressed with the sheetmetal by just pressure washing the vehicle and scrubbing it down.

Enjoy the sickness.

Nice thing about not owning a showroom beauty queen, is when you do get it running nice and you take it out to wheel it and "stuff happens" you aren't gonna lose sleep over it.

Best of luck.
Welcome to MUD :flipoff2: Now say goodbye to all your free time ..

Welcome to Mud.

I think you'll be pretty impressed with the sheetmetal by just pressure washing the vehicle and scrubbing it down.


That's what I thought too. It will look lots better with a good scrubbing. I've got a pressure washer I borrowed from work, so first thing on the "to do" list is give it a good wash then flip the bezel! Do you know if rental stores like "Atwoods" rent media blasters? I might rent one of those if I can and just go over the whole thing and strip the old paint off.

I've got some bucket seats from my old Toyota pickup I'll probably switch out as well.
Can't wait to see a pic when you have scrubbed her down---Welcome!!!
Welcome to Mud

Welcome to mud. You got caught by the bezel police first thing. LOL I think that alot of us look at the bezel before anything else. When I took my bezel off the first time I didn't pay attention to it until I went to put it back on. I was at a loss on which way it went back on. A quick search on mud returned a multitude of hits on bezels. I then found out about the bezel police. Enjoy the 40, it is the trip that matters not the destination.
technical jargon to get you started...

great rig. looks like mine on the out side. A couple of things that might help you with this blog sphere...

PM, means private message me...right click on individuals name and a pop up provides a choice.

PO means previous owner, refers to something on your rig you want to give credit to or take away from the previous owner.

FF/SF Differientials, means Free Floating, and Semi-floating...fronts with hubs are always free floating, and rears maybe either. you'll figure that out soon enough. basically refers to where the weight of the vehicle rides, either fully on the axle, partly on the axle, or not on the axle at all.

DD means Daily Driver...

SOA/SUA means springs mounted over or under axle...

A selectable locker is a device that is installed into your differential that locks both axles when engaged. these are refered to as OBA Lockers, or ARB Lockers and use Air built into the engine or 12 volt air system to work. others use cables and are called cable lockers.

A full time locker is simular, but when taking a corner, the wheel traveling the (least distance as i understand it now) with the lower torque will slip. these are called Powertrax, Aussie, or Detroit, or you find a vendor and they may have thier own name for thier locker.

A third member is not a lower class ih8mud individual, but the unboltable portion of the differiential that is shaped like a large cone, which is refered to as the pumpkin, or basket ball, or pick something elegant to surprise the men and women of ih8mud. your drive line connects there through the universal joints (U-joints).

Your vehicle is seriel numbered and that number will tell what month your vehicle left the factory line. Like, fj40 34567, which according to the factory list would have left the line in month 4 of 1965 making this make believe vehicle a fj40-4/65. they wont tell you this, they just expect you to know it.

also, should you happen upon a stock engine, it will have a machined tab on the passenger side of the block with a letter and number which provides the apporiate info on the engine as well. if the engine has only f, or 2f, on the tab of the block, it is a factory replacement block.

These last two are of significant importance since the monthly changes in installed modifications at the factory will determine which door/windows/bearings/whatever you may need to find out about for your vehicle here on the ih8mud site.

I was clueless for quite a while as they ole boys slammed me with lots of clues that I could not understand. but, i got it after a few weeks.

You are free to PM me for questions that need researched and i will be glad to look them up for you. Posting a picture will be much easier if the pictures are resized to a small format, and will be espically helpful to those who can just look and say what the part/problem/fix needds to be. Wow, they are really good there. Welcome to the blog...

I really like the rig, and have fun...take a deep breath, and do the right thing, not the right things...we (or they) can help you with the prioritization of your list.:):clap:

You are NOT obligated to use the explitive generated figures, and for that I am grateful. mostly they are harmless...and i do appreicate the warm welcome i recieved from all the guys and gals.

welcome to ya...

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