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Apr 9, 2008
Google Earth: 6°12'23.80"S, 106°44'43.63"E
Hi all,
I've been reading your great forum for quite a while now, and decided to join in. I'm in Jakarta, Indonesia, I ride a 1982 FJ40, F2 engine, 3MT tranny. I'm preparing her to be an expedition vehicle, despite her shortcomings, quirks and all. For now I pretty much have my hands full fixing the wiring which shorted a few days ago. Next will be an engine and drivetrain overhaul and repaint. I will post pics as soon as I can.
everyone is going to want pics, ya know
Pic from last trip, fresh off the camera...

Pics taken in Sumatra island, Lahat area. The cloud pic was taken on Mt. Dempo, at about 2900-ish meters ASL. Magnificent view... The clouds were actually at eye-level.
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Pogue, my rig is actually pretty stock-looking, so I'm not sure if anybody's going to be very interested in it. I didn't want any monster truck like lift or showy upgrades because I'm still driving her daily, plus with the road conditions and driving habits here in Indonesia, a tall, top heavy rig is an invitation for an accident. Showy upgrades will attract criminals and the like, especially when I'm travelling to less developed/populated areas.
fair enough
those pics there are incredible
Well, after sifting through my hard drives, I realized that I have a severe lack of pics of my own FJ... Funny, I travelled so much with it but I took so little time actually taking its pics. Well, here goes: Pics from last weekend's trip, featuring my almost bone stock FJ.


This is actually a two-lane, two-way road. So now if I say that my average speed when travelling is only 40-50km/h (25-35mph), you'd understand :p.


You can almost see the temple in the far background. The piles of stones in the foreground WERE temples, but there's not enough left of them to reconstruct now.


What the temple complex look like from up close. Naturally the FJ can't enter, since this area is protected.

I've been to those places. Very beautiful area. I never drove in Jakarta and wouldn't. I was amazed at some of the Cruisers over there.

Welcome. Your rig looks clean, thanks for sharing the pics.:clap:

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