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Sep 11, 2022
York PA
Hi all, I just joined this site, although I’ve read some stuff here off and on over the years. I’ve coveted a 60 series LandCruiser for years and finally bought a 1988 FJ62. It’s mostly original, with just the seat covers replaced.

It has 185,000 miles. What in general should I be keeping an eye on?

Driving home on Saturday I had it over 3000 rpm and 80 mph for a while and the AT Temp light came on. Finishing up the drive on Sunday, it seemed to do well keeping it at 2500 rpm and 70 mph max. Is this normal to have the transmission temp go up after prolonged driving?

Lastly, I want to address some minor rust issues before they get worse. There is a thumbnail sized spot on the front left quarter panel missing paint. I’m not sure the history, but it’s just barely starting to show rust. How can I treat this to prevent rust taking hold? There is also a spot on the front of the front passenger door with rust. The previous owner said that maybe it was because of a rain gutter being routed there. Is this a common issue? What is the best way to resolve?



Sep 30, 2013
Where the prairies meet the Rockies
Hi, welcome, and congrats on your new 62.

Unless you have a detailed maintenance history/log for the vehicle, assume that everything on this maintenance schedule below needs doing. I'd start picking away at these as soon as you can. Some ideally would have been done before a lengthy 80 mph highway run, but looks like you got lucky.


When I made my first post on this forum, people gently guided me to this thread, and I'll do the same: FAQ - 60-series FAQ - Definitely worth a read as it's very dense with info that is specific to 60 series Cruisers. Also, download a copy of the FSM, which I believe is available on this site under Resources (I think).

In terms of your AT temp light: I would suggest that cruising for a long while at 80 mph/3000 rpm is asking a lot of a 35-year-old 4x4. It could be that you're just pushing it a little too hard. Other possible factors: were you bucking a headwind? Are you running bigger tires? When was the ATF and filter last changed/cleaned? Some folks might disagree, but IMHO these beasts are much happier at 65mph. Nevertheless, a lot of people running the A440 auto trans will install an auxiliary trans cooler to help keep things cool. Lots of threads on that too, if you do a search.

Finally: post up some pics of your rig!


Jun 29, 2017
Longmeadow MA
Million threads on here that can help you with your 62 and congrats. A cooler for your transmission is a must if you are doing major highway driving and/or towing. Search rain gutters (my restoration thread covered it as well). Rust is a gift that keeps on giving and taking care of that ASAP is wise. Hard manual work but not technically difficult.
Research kickdown cable adjustments if your trans doesn’t shift the way you want (shift too early, shift too late). It’s a simple cable tensioning adjustment.
Baselining your timing, idle, Throttle Position sensor adjustment etc are all good to get out of the way early.
Check your fusible links for corrosion before you need to.
Great simple rigs.

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