new member from Jeddah kSA

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Welcome, great looking cruiser !Look foreward to more posts from you. Mike

Nice set up and welcome to the mud. resize your pictures before putting them in. Isn't your head light basel upside down?? Not really just a mud joke. But, wow, what a very clean rig.:):clap:
Saalam Aleykum.

Have you driven it 7 times araound the Kaaba yet?

It would be great on a Haaj.

Just kidding - nice cruiser.

Welcome, nice cruiser. Didn't realize there was an Arabic Land Cruiser forum. While my translations are crude there is some really cool stuff in there.

How about sharing some more 40's pictures from your forum?
Thank you

Dear all,
Thank you for your nice replies and jocks:p
I am very sorry for the size of the pic;), its good chance to see my 40's details:hmm: I do not know if there is any chances to resize it after posting??I will post many resized pics in the future.

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