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Jan 31, 2005
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A few pictures to start....

Based on the data plate, other than being an FJ40 with a 2f engine, can anybody tell me anything else about it? I see guys on this, and other forums, refer to their rigs as 07/78. I assume this is month and year?

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The FAQ has tons of good links to all common questions. For your nameplate, the info is here:

F is engine series - 6 cylinder inline gasoline
J is designator for Land Cruiser model - all Land Cruisers have a "J" in their model number
40 is the series designator - short wheelbase (i.e. not a 43, 44, 45, or 47) 40 series
L is for left hand drive
V is van style i.e. hardtop (as opposed to soft top, pickup, or other)
K is 4spd transmission
C is for the swingout ambulance style doors
J - with roll bar
A designates original destination market was North America (but not Canada)
532 is the color code for mustard yellow
LE11 is a trim code for the interior. Pretty much all FJ40s in the United States were the same. Trim Code ... Post up what you have
H42 is the specific transmission you have. The H41 has a lower 1st gear but H42 was the standard transmission in the U.S. for all FJ40s
K082 is for the axle code. K is 9.5" ring gear, 08 is for 4.11 ratio from 37 tooth ring gear and 9 tooth pinion gear, the 2 indicates an open differential with 2 spider gears. This was standard for all U.S. market FJ40s until they went to 3.70 gears in '79 or '81, I always get those confused.
Plant A11 is the plant where the vehicle was assembled - according to the CruiserFAQ it is Honsya, Japan

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